Ponzi Schemes and Investment Scams

Are You Protected From Ponzi Schemes?

You don’t need to be a financial genius to avoid getting scammed by the next Ponzi scheme! In fact, looking at the latest scheme to hit the national scene, high net worth “professionals” are the most vulnerable. As wealthy friends and clients of Bernard Madoff are sorting out what went wrong, you and I would do well learn some lessons of our own.

Market Returns are perfectly acceptable for a highly successful investor! BEWARE, if your financial advisor tells you they can consistently beat the market. The overwhelming evidence shows that active managers cannot beat market benchmarks over time! Bernard Madoff told his client he could beat the market but he lied! If some one is lying to you, fire them fast! The market provides excellent returns over time. If any body tells you differently – don’t walk away… RUN!!

Common Sense still applies! BEWARE, if your active manager gives you a complicated strategy that you can not understand as the solution for your savings. The basic truths that govern our financial world have not changed. You do not need to be a financial genius to understand what makes your money grow. You simply need to know that your advisor believes the same things that you do. No one knew Bernard Madoff’s philosophy of investing but they gave him all their savings anyway! That makes no sense.

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