Monthly Archives: October 2008

From the Top of Grand Rapids Optimistic and Realistic!

I have been speaking with a lot of Real Estate Agents in the Grand Rapids area. There are two simple messages that have come back repeatedly. Be Optimistic: During these difficult times you have to remain optimistic! There are others … Continue reading

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Peace of mind comes from your beliefs not your activities

What do we do now? “The market is down 20,% 30%, 40% …” “The great depression of 1929.” “Protect your assets.” “Totally new game, old rules do not apply.” Let me start by telling you that not every one is … Continue reading

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A Sad Day – not a day to celebrate

I just heard the news that congress passed the “bail out” bill. Not sure how the media will spin this historic event but I was saddened by the news. My take should be positive, this is designed to protect my … Continue reading

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