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Investing and Campfires

Investing your personal savings wisely is simple, but it’s not easy. As investors, we act irrationally. We know what we’re supposed to do. We sell when the market is high and jump back in when it’s low. However, the evidence … Continue reading

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Bring Me Back to October 2007!

This is a short coaching session on “Hindsight Bias”. This little parasite can rob many otherwise prudent investors of their peace of mind. We all do it ourselves and need to see it when it pops into our thoughts and … Continue reading

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Ponzi Schemes and Investment Scams

Are You Protected From Ponzi Schemes? You don’t need to be a financial genius to avoid getting scammed by the next Ponzi scheme! In fact, looking at the latest scheme to hit the national scene, high net worth “professionals” are … Continue reading

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Half of the Truth is Still a LIE!

The stock market will recover – TRUE! Your actively traded mutual fund will recover too – NOT SO TRUE! Every day we are reminded to “stay the course” because the market will come back. I agree with that and I … Continue reading

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