Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership Recap September 21, 2012

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiring day we had as business owners, leaders, parents, and individuals.  Dave Ramsey and his team of speakers brought us vital insights on the important aspects of leadership.   He took his usual simple yet profound message to communicate and challenge the audience to identify the positives and negatives that affect leaders which in turn affect your business.  Even if you are not an owner of a small business, Dave’s key ingredients to leadership can be applied if you are a leader in any area.

Here were some of his key points:

There are Five Main Enemies of Unity

    1. Poor Communication
    2. Gossip
    3. Unresolved Disagreements
    4. Lack of a Shared Purpose
    5. Sanctioned Incompetence

Elements of Good Decision Making

    1. Ask your spouse about all major decisions.
    2. Ask the experts; find several people who know more than you. 
    3. An expert is someone who has done it lately, not someone who has an opinion.
    4. Take time; proportionate to the impact of the decision; the larger the impact of the decision, the more time you take.
    5. Options and walking through the worst-case scenarios can virtually eliminate FEAR.
    6. Deciding not to decide can be the right decision!
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