A Sad Day – not a day to celebrate

I just heard the news that congress passed the “bail out” bill.

Not sure how the media will spin this historic event but I was saddened by the news. My take should be positive, this is designed to protect my livelihood. However, I have a longer view than my elected officials.

The idea that the government has to rescue us from every crisis is bad for America (but popular election year politics) The government has a role in crisis but can not and should not try to save us from the pain of bad choices. We learn best from the struggles in life, whether self inflicted or not. Same goes for hurricanes and terrorist attacks. The government does not exist to bail out pain and suffering. Protect life, liberty and the PURSUIT …

On every level, government intervention created this problem to begin with. Why do we believe that a huge government intervention can solve the problem? Gov’t pushed hard to see the FNMA and Freddie expansion and that influenced the sub-prime expansion as well. Politicians are talking out of both sides of their mouths. There is no accountability unless there is personal responsibiity. The American people refuse to hold their government officials accountable. I am sad to see evidence of a shift from gov’t in service/fear of the citizens to the citizens in service/fear of gov’t.

Regardless of what the media has to say or how it benefits my business in the short term, I can not celebrate this one. I am not worried, I know that God is in controil of this too. I will continue to fight for the best and embrace the best when I see it. Please join me.


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