National Debt Ceiling and Invested Savings!

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With all the attention on the DEBT CEILING debate raging in Washington DC there are plenty of self-proclaimed “experts” that offer conflicting advice about WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU in this whole mess. There are 16 days until we “hit the wall” on August 2nd. I AM NO EXPERT regarding the national debt and you are under no ¬†obligation to agree with me. Here is simply a list of the things I am doing (or not doing) over the next 16 days. Let me know how they compare to your own.

1. I’m not going to panic. The political process manufactures URGENCY and FEAR to force an agenda! The financial media does the same thing. I am not going to fall into their trap. I am proactive not reactive!

2. FREE MARKETS are much better at sorting out complex issues than politicians. As the debt deadline approaches there are millions of investors “voting” on this issue by how they invest their money. The financial markets (stocks and bonds) are not buying the garbage that is being fed to us by our legislators or the media and neither will I.

3. I own Equities (Stocks), Diversify and Rebalance. This is my long term investment strategy before and after August 2. I manage risk with diversification into a dozen asset classes with over 12,000 different holdings in over 40 countries.

4. If the investment markets become more volatile I will expect to get higher investment returns over time. Based on a long history, I expect to be rewarded for higher volatility. I will be rewarded for remaining disciplined while others panic.

I see this debate as holding opportunity for the disciplined long term investor. If you have anxiety about the current debt ceiling debate please contact me.

You can achieve Peace of Mind in your investments today.

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