ArtPrize and the Free Market

I would not consider myself someone who generally appreciates art. However, the ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids excites me, and I both appreciate and like it very much! If you have not been to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, you should make a point to come and check it out.

The event began when Rick DeVos offered a $250,000 prize to the artist with the best artwork as determined by the viewing public. Almost anyone can submit their artwork in the contest. The works of art are displayed all over Grand Rapids and the winner is determined by your vote and mine and thousands of other people at the event. This year there are 1700 entries and hundreds of thousands of viewers.

I like the variety in what is on display. I like that I can vote on the entries that interest me regardless of why I find them interesting. I like the economic benefits to Grand Rapids. I like to see the “free market” at work in the art community. I like how the success of the event depends on everyone (artists, voters, sponsors, businesses, municipalities, etc) coming together for their own self interest and benefiting the whole. I like that the free market works with art like it does with investments! I like ArtPrize!

Let me know some of your ArtPrize entries!

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