100 Million Reasons to be Optimistic about the USA!

Opinion: What American Population Will Look Like in 2050 – AOL News

Here is a great article that gives reason to believe that the next 40 years will be very good for the US economy. The optimism does not lie in the brilliance of our government or the strength of our middle class or some new invention that will secure our leadership on the world scene. It is more simple than all of that. The reason to be optimistic is the census projection that the US population will reasonably grow by 100 million people by the year 2050.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Database

Population growth is vital to the sustainability of developed nation. A vibrant and young work force can be a catalyst for change and innovation. Fertility and a commitment to raising children create a strong forward thinking mentality in how we manage current opportunities. The 100 million additional “producers” will help to pay for the costs of caring for a manageable percentage of the population that are over 65 and not as active in the economy.

A shrinking and aging population can devastate an entire culture and economy in one or two generations. There are countries in Europe and Asia that appear to be on an unsustainable and irreversible path of population decline! By 2050 China and some of Europe will see over 1/3rd of their population over 60yrs old. History does not offer a positive outlook for declining population!

Despite the current struggles we face there is reason to be optimistic for future generations of Americans. Support strong and healthy families! Teach kids how to work hard – by example. Be optimistic!

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