New Taxes are not the Answer

It would be comical if it were not so financially devastating.

The financial industry as a whole has been ruthless in its methods of stripping investors of their savings through expensive investments, terrible advice and very high fees.  The huge profits have come at the expense of individuals and their savings.  2009 was no exception!

The Federal Government sees the profits and sees a new tax as the solution.  The real problem is not being addressed by a punitive tax!  What is the real problem?!  Traditional financial services companies are not serving their clients, they are serving themselves! 

There is much better option.  “FIRE THEM!”  Fire the financial companies that charge these fees to you!  “STOP PAYING!” You do not have to pay the high fees and you do not have to unwittingly pay the punitive tax.  You can bypass all the complicated and expensive money management schemes. 

Learn some basic principles about investing and saving your money!  It is not complicated!  Then you can objectively evaluate your current investments and decide if you are paying fairly for what you are getting.

Make 2010 a learning year!  Explore competing options.

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