Inflation Protection and Gold

If history repeats itself, then offers to buy gold during a tough and uncertain economy is like watching “It’s a great life” at Christmas Time.  Feels good and we know the ending.

Gold has not ended well as a long term inflation hedge in the past and it will not in the future!  Buying gold is part of a Market Timing Strategy.  Timing the market is like gambling with long term savings.  Wear gold, don’t bet on gold.

 An excellent hedge for inflation over the past 80yrs has been an appropriate mixture of equities and fixed income!  Mark Matson, founder of the Matrix and Matson Money does a great job of defending the free market investing model!  Listen as Mark insists on being diversified and as he explains the “Three Factor Model”.

mark matson video

The Free Market provides excellent investment returns to the disciplined investor! 

Over 60 years of proof!  Come to the next seminar.  Learn the simple truth about sound investing. 

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