I Received this Lie in an Email Today

I received this lie in an email today:

Investing in companies, not sectors
Savita Subramanian, Head of U.S. Quantitative Strategy, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, spotlights the increasing importance of company fundamentals in selecting the right stocks for today’s market.

What is the Myth here? STOCK SELECTION! I get this stuff constantly, I am sure you do as well. Find out why this is so misleading!

This does not happen with the investments you have invested through Cornerstone Wealth Partners

YES, the companies within each sector are where we place our confidence. They will collectively produce a predictable return with measurable risk over time. However, trying to consistently pick which companies will succeed with any statistical certainty is not possible! The sad truth is the average investor is unwittingly paying thousands of dollars to get this type of guess work as well as the disappointing returns that follow.

Please invite your friends to attend our next seminar to learn more. They will appreciate you for it! More people need to know the Truth about Invested Savings!

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