Know What I love about Wealthy Farmers?


Do you know what I love about wealthy farmers? THEY EARNED IT!
They become wealthy by years of hard work. There are no short cuts!
Every day they work hard with no guarantee that this year’s effort will be profitable.
After 3 bad years they still plant seed the 4th year and expect it to grow!
Their work is rewarded over time.

It is no different for you and me!!
You can be a “Wealthy Farmer” too.
Now is the time to be planting!
Call me to find out how you can grow your wealth over time.

Steve Vanderwey
Investor Coach (and Farmer)

Note: This is the arial view of the Vanderwey Farm. We purchased the farm in 2001 and added acreage for a total of 53 acres today. There are many great farming analogies for prudent investors. I look forward to sharing them with you.

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