From the Top of Grand Rapids Optimistic and Realistic!

I have been speaking with a lot of Real Estate Agents in the Grand Rapids area. There are two simple messages that have come back repeatedly.

Be Optimistic:
During these difficult times you have to remain optimistic! There are others that are finding a way to move ahead in spite of the challenges and they find your attitude refreshing. More important, it is the optimistic folks that buy houses! The people that are hurting and understandably negative will not appreciate your optimism but these people are not your best customers right now. Look for good news and share it!

Be Realistic:
The best agents in Grand Rapids are simplifying their lives personally and professionally. Reducing staff and cutting expenses. Find ways to do more with less. Everyone is working harder for smaller commissions. We are all doing deals that we might have referred away a year ago. Necessity breeds invention and everyone is inventing more cost effective ways to generate revenue. Scrutinize advertising options, get seller participation in unique advertising experiments and renegotiating advertising deals with vendors.

There is are great reasons to be optimistic! Our ability to innovate today will pay dividends tomorrow. At Cornerstone Home Loans have continued to be flexible in this market to in order to fund all of our loan commitments. If you have any one looking to buy a home in the next few months, have them give me a call today!

Steven Vanderwey, CEO
Cornerstone Home Loans

ps. Here is a link to some great West Michigan statistics from the Right Place

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